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Indeed, the trail is simply too narrow in a great many areas.

Extending the trail to Scott's Run would be a huge undertaking, but I think it would be worthwhile. I hope they revive the idea.

Please submit this blog post as a formal public comment.

I'm working towards that. This whole series is part of the process of writing a formal comment from the DC BAC. Anything outside of DC, I'll submit comments on as an individual, but hopefully others will chime in too.

I don't know which is worse, that so little of the 1990 plan ever got built, or how much less ambitious the current plan is.

It's interesting that in 1990 the NPS wanted to take over the Glen Echo Trolley. That probably would have been the best resolution. A big part of the problem with that land is that it is essentially abandoned within the DC government. Mary Cheh has proposed turning it over to DC Parks and Recreation. I'd much rather see DDOT run it, but I think NPS would be better.

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