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I like the idea of a Fenwick connector. There is an existing dirt/hiking trail connecting the Valley Trail near Boundary Bridge to Grubb Rd. Looks like there is a small strip of park land north of Grubb, which would connect to the Fenwick stream valley. If the connection were made from EW Highway to Grubb, cyclists could use West Beach.

I am impressed by the number of planned connections in the 0-2 year range, but am skeptical that they can all be done in that period of time. And it's surprising that the connection to Avondale Park from Gallatin St, which I have been reading about as a proposal for many years, slips to the 5-10 year plan. I thought this was going to be done as part of the next segment of the Met Branch Trail.

AFAIK, the Broad Branch Road trail idea has not been completely abandoned, but negotiations with some of the foreign land owners along the route have proven difficult. It's time to shake the trees for another update, though.

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