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Call me cynical, but I highly doubt anything in the bill will actually effect a positive change in safety for cyclists. It seems like a lot of hot air that could quietly dissipate into nothingness. Besides, "requiring" DDOT to obey any law is a bit laughable based on their unwillingness to require safe accommodation for pedestrians and cyclists.

The first bike safety bill passed by Tommy Wells had a provision requiring DC trucks to add side underrun guards, blind spot mirrors and warning stickers WHEN FUNDS WERE AVAILABLE. So nothing much happened at first, but the BAC kept pushing council to address this every year in our oversight hearing or in meetings with staff.

Eventually Cheh decided it was a real issue and started asking DPW questions and for timelines and such and now they're in the process of meeting these requirements. I can't find the schedule from 2014, but I seem to recall they were going to be done by the end of 2018.

So, change probably won't happen fast (most of the reports and rules required by that law came in years later than required) but I do think this law creates a means by which advocates can force this change. No longer do we have to say "you should do x" we can now say "you're required to do x." It does move things forward.

Thanks atlas and thanks washcycle for covering this. People in research or nonprofits-anywhere objectives are measured over time-know that goals without timelines or consequences are worthless. DDOT has no impetus for change unless they have a legal obligation to meet SMART goals. So, baby step and baby yeh.

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