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Why only 9am to 3pm? Again, they view cycling only as a recreation.

this culture of imbeciles sallies forth: they cant even get this bridge crossing right!! WHY THE FUCK ONLY 9 to 3 on WEEKDAYS?! where are the "avid cyclist" bike advocates?!!!

Well obviously the 9am-3pm weekday restriction is to limit a cyclist's impact on rush hour traffic.

I understand they want to limit the impact on rush hour traffic. But cyclists have no other options. Are they going to swim across? Also, its not like there are swarms of cyclists begriming the bridge and holding up cars. Perhaps give windows to access the bridge every 30 minutes.

As I recall (and WC should know) the long term plan is to have cyclists cross just upstream over the (abandoned?) railroad bridge.

That's correct. I don't think it's the plan, as Amtrak/MDOT aren't sold on it yet, but the East Coast Greenway is pushing for it.

I can see paying something, but $8 is a bit steep. Might need to take my time and get my money's worth. :^)

So how much do they charge for a unicycle? Does a bike with a trailer get charged for three axles?

This is kind of nice but really isn't a big advancement for cycling in Maryland. 99% of Maryland cyclists gain no benefit from this. This is a copout instead of building a real cycling friendly river crossing.

If Maryland really wants to do something to make Maryland more bicycle friendly they need to:

- Get ride of the mandatory bike lane use law

- Fix the 3-feet while passing law so that it is mandatory to give 3 feet regardless of width of the lane. Currently drivers only have to give 3 feet if the lane is 14 feet wide. The majority of roads throughout Maryland are more narrow than 14 feet.

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