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That is screwed up. Any chance could post a copy of the ticket (personal info of cyclist removed of course) or what regulations the officer cited this poor guy for? I am curious what exactly that moron actually cited because most police officers don't have a clue how to write cites for bikes, this clown already thought that riding on tge sidewalk is illegal.

I had a similar experience but didn't receive any cites because I was biking while white. An officer pulled me over for running a stop sign (right after he ran the stop sign) and he started shouting angrily about running the traffic light (no, lead pedestrian interval), stop sign (guilty), riding in the center of the lane (no DC rule requiring riding to the right), complaining about my full lane sign (the cite is right on the sign) and how they know about it. He ultimately gave up as I made these arguments and he drove off before I could point out that police officers ignore laws they think are dumb too, like not wearing his seatbelt or using his turn signal.

Sounds very bogus to me.

Sect 31-5 explicitly says that a bike may be operated on a sidewalk EXCEPT where the County Exec says otherwise. That is a recitation of a positive right.

and, here from the MoCo DOT


Yes, in Montgomery County bicyclists are allowed to bike on sidewalks. However, bicyclists are required to yield to pedestrians and use a bicycle lane when one is available to them."

I would really encourage you to connect the ticket, and then raise this issue with the DA. Racial discrimination or not, it's absurd that a coo would dish out a $90 ticket to a cyclist on the grounds that warnings don't work.

If MoCo is anything like Virginia, or many other places, then that is probably a $25 ticket with a $65 admin fee attached to it.

These fees are how we fund government in the face of a public resistance to taxation. Through the magic of racial profiling, these fees disproportionately affect black and brown people. Not paying these fees can lead to suspension of a drivers license (much more readily than, say, crashing into people).

(Off topic: in Florida driving on a suspended license is a felony resulting in loss of voting rights; 25% of voting-age black people in Florida cannot vote because they are "felons.")

The admin fee is, IIRC, unconstitutional if applied to you when you win.

Also: don't just contest the ticket in court, but (after you win) write to MoCo police and the station where the ticket was issued, and the local media to complain. We should assume that the officer was merely ill informed. If they continue to issue tickets despite clear information to the contrary, then there are grounds to take the issue further.

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