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It's sort of silly to predicate so much planning on the trolley potentially coming to Georgetown. In all likelihood, the trolley won't be coming to Georgetown, so it would be better to optimize the design with that reality in mind. Otherwise, it looks great, though the intersection of Wisconsin and Water probably needs a light. Also, I'd like to see better connections to the canal; as it stands now, there are a series of hidden, unfriendly stairs. It would be nice to have some ramps from the canal to Water, as well as better lighting, wider treads, and any other improvements that would make the canal and waterfront a cohesive experience.

I attended the information session on Saturday.

After talking with one of the BID personnel on hand using the terms interim and optimum may be misleading as it suggests the second phase is better.

An argument can be made that the first phase (interim) is better bike infra as it creates an onstreet PBL.

Once (or if) the streetcar arrives DDOT will need the entire street so the trail is relocated to the park where cyclists will, no doubt, have to contend with other park users.

I'm still not clear but I think the big thing missing from phase 1 is an improved crossing of Rock Creek. Right now it's a narrow sidewalk with a blind corner to oncoming traffic.

I think the new bridge connection should be part of the first phase.

Oh - one more thing. The hope is to do design this Fall with construction early in the following Spring.

I was also a the Sat event.
IMO I would classify the bridge over Rock Creek as 1A.
Meaning, the bridge gets done once NPS approves it after an environmental review.
The design team tagged it in Plan 2, but I think once it gets approved, it could easily be part of Design 1.

The plan seems well thought out to me.

As for design two, the design team contends that pedestrians would use an extended sidewalk rather than the bike lane. SO the bushes next to the sidewalk would be removed.

I do believe the streetcar will eventually extend to Georgetown...
Ultimately, this seems like an excellent plan

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