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1) Link to official document is here:

Because there is something screwy with DC's website, you might need to click on the link twice
2) The surface of this trail is the most contentious aspect of this plan. The survey that we did with the community had 900 respondents and paving got the least amount of votes within the Palisades community (And the most outside of the community)
Also, there were a significant amount of votes that wanted no surface (40% I think....but the other 60% wanted some type of surface)
3) Before this project I've never done this type of activism within any community I've ever lived in. I find it very rewarding and equally frustrating.

How does this tie into the recent move by the Tom Smith (rhymes with despicable) ANC to have the rec center landmarked as historic? Must this go through the same ANC that opposed New Mexico Avenue bike lanes?

Landmarking only applies to Rec Center and Rec Center play ground which does NOT include Trolley right of way.

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