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Thankfully, the city of Alexandria is tuning out these nonsensical arguments. With four new stations being added over a 10 day period in July, Bikeshare is beginning to achieve some significant penetration in the city, especially in the heretofore neglected neighborhoods of Del Ray, Arlandria, Rosemont, and West End.

I didn't see a link to her article....Its here

As an unabashed Capital Bikeshare booster (and member), I'm surprised by those membership numbers. I went and found the attachment referenced (https://www.alexandriava.gov/uploadedFiles/tes/info/G.%202016-04-20%20Agenda%20Item%204%20Attach%201.pdf) and was very interested in this:

Annual, Monthly & Daily Key - 2,856
1-day members - 14,044
3-day members - 718

I had no clue that 1-day memberships were such a significant proportion of users!

Note that the hyperlink above won't work because it picked up the parenthesis. Oops.

I didn't see a link to her article.

Some have the view that anti-bike diatribes generates more page views (and comments) then is warranted so why encourage the trolls by linking to them.

Reminds me of the kinds of folks who say they support transit but then make up whatever strained opposition they can think of to every individual transit application because they are being duplicitous and really don't want transit at all. Given her earlier positions, she seems solidly in that camp regarding cycling.

The Mayor and Council support Cabi, without exception. BPAC, which has the only organized group of cycling advocates in Alexandria, supports CaBi. Even the Old Town Civic Association appears to broadly accept CaBi.

I mean I am glad WashCycle does the thankless work of debunking incoherent things like this, but Ms Papps views are not of any political significance any more (if they ever were) as far as I can tell.

The National Highway Program was designed in the Eisenhower administration and has completed its goals, but we still have billions in Fed $ going to the roads. When we stop that subsidy, perhaps we can talk about bikes

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