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While portions of Beach Drive are closed I hope DDOT and NPS take the opportunity to gauge the effect on traffic on surrounding roads.

I've always felt it a shame that Rock Creek Park has served as a commuter expressway much to the detriment of its intended park mission.

As bad as NPS is to cyclists in general, I think the issue here is that no one wants to push closing Beach Drive in the face of what would likely be massive political opposition.

JeffB, at a recent BAC meeting a DDOT rep said that DDOT and FHWA were working on just such a study.

It would be great if NPS and DDOT can work together in advance to ensure that alternatives are in place. e.g.

1. NPS could do the road at a different time from doing the side path, so that cyclists can still use the park.

2. Ensure that alternative routes are available and reasonably bike friendly.
-Road repairs etc
-Ensure that the sidewalk on 16th St is cleared of debris and overhanging branches.

3. Provide signage well in advance. Its one thing for a car to suddenly have to detour in Rock Creek Park, but its a lot harder for a cyclist who faces a serious climb out of the park to take an alternative route. If you knew that there was a blockage ahead of you, you might be able to keep higher up.

4. Work with WABA.

Perhaps this should also be a consideration in talks with WMATA. e.g.
- Get red line repairs done before labor day.
- Perhaps relax or modify the bikes on trains rule.

Will these closures overlap with Red Line Safetrack work? Ugh.

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