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So it was a big deal a few years ago when they imposed a 15 mph speed limit on the CCT. Do you know if this change affects that?

Is the speed limit on the CCT posted? If so it would be the speed limit.

Yes: CCT has a posted 15mph and speed meters

It would be nice if Fairfax County also officially allowed bike commuting through a park when it's dark. Part of my routine commute is several miles on a nice park path. Even this time of year, it's dark in the morning, and I've been concerned that some day I'll encounter an overzealous cop and get charged with trespassing or something silly.

I ride the CCT from time-to-time and have seen the signs, but not meters. What and where are those? Thanks!

Speed meters on the CCT move from time to time. There used to be one as you come down off the River Road bridge...haven't seen it in over a year I'd guess.

Would this allow, for instance, using trails in Seneca Creek State Park after dark?

I think so

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