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I agree with your 3 recommendations and would add that it also makes a lot of sense to have CaBi stations all along the Mt Vernon Trail, but especially at Gravelly Point and Daingerfield Island, ie, north and south of DCA

When I used to travel on business a lot I would sometimes bike to DCA, it's very convenient. I have a carry-on bag that straps to my bike. But it always irked me that people arriving at DCA by bike or Metro can only enter at Terminal A, and have to walk to terminals B&C, while people arriving by car can park right next to their terminal.

There is parking at terminals B & C, but it is at the Metro Station exit. It's not easy to get to/from, but I've done it before.

Arlington County is actively working on siting a station here with the Airports Authority and plans to have a station near the terminus of the trail near new terminal and Metro. As it's private property, the County and Airports Authority are presently negotiating a license agreement to site the station.

The County's online station map shows where the station is to be sited (http://goo.gl/vq7RDX). The exact installation timing is uncertain at this point due to the legal process.

Paul DeMaio
Capital Bikeshare Manager
Arlington County

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