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To dream! The CP listserv already is up in arms about there potentially being a discussion about the service lane. Remember this is the area where people came to meetings wearing buttons that said "Cleveland Park!" I am not making this up.

I would not hold my breath for a bike lane on Connecticut. It's a great location for it, but the politics would be brutal.

We SHOULD expect a protected bike lane to be part of this project. It's right there in the plan that DDOT put together, and they are working on this very street. If not now, when? Some vague future?

Low expectations leads directly to low performance, and DDOT already moves incredibly slowly on these things. We don't need to give them any more excuses or lower expectations even further.

I agree, and I plan to bring it up with DDOT, but...

1. This is really about drainage and planning a designing a PBL takes a lot of time. I think they're eager to fix the drainage without the delay. If DDOT already had the design done that would be different.

2. There could very well be issue with just doing the PBL in a short section of Conn. I don't know what those issues are but it would not be unreasonable for a disappearing PBL to not work here.

If you live in DC, I encourage you to write to your at-large CMs about this or to Mary Cheh if you're in Ward 3. And try to go to the meeting if you can and ask about it there. This IS a streetscape issue.

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