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There is now a striped lane on 14th between E street and Pennsylvania Ave. Went in a couple of weeks ago (and corrected a discrepancy where the official bike infrastructure map said there was already a lane installed there). There's no lane in the two-way portion between D and E in front of Safeway

At the metro it's a little hairy because that stupid kiss and ride/northbound slip lane.

Somehow I had heard about these things a few months ago - possibly in something posted on this blog? I can't find it now though.

New Jersey Ave SE is one of my most-biked roads, since I live in the Navy Yard area and it's the best way to get downtown. A bike lane extension is very welcome.

I actually biked down E St to South Carolina Ave this weekend, and there were markings along the north side of Marion Park that looked like the prelude to bike lanes. Wouldn't be surprised to see those just suddenly appear.

I mentioned it on twitter

I live on E Street SE, and bike lanes suddenly appeared a couple of days ago with no notice to residents. I'm all for bike lanes, but also for advance notification so we know what's going to be different for us now, such as not being able to double park in front of the house to unload groceries, etc. (It's a wide street, so there's always been lots of room for bikes.)

DDOT doesn't, as a rule, notify every resident along a road before they make changes or upgrade sidewalks. Obviously that would require a much larger outreach - which costs money. I'd be surprised if the ANC was unaware, so that was your chance to find out about it.

I'm not sure how it would have improved things if you'd known beforehand anyway. Did you have some double-parking scheduled or something? Wide streets are exactly the place where bike lanes make the most sense.

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