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Do I read the chart correctly to mean that in a given year, one in one thousand cycle commuters is killed? That seems - high!

No the title of the chart is really wrong, but I didn't fix it.

It's really the ratio of cyclist fatalities to bike commuters. Bike commuters are used as a proxy to exposure, so the numbers on the left aren't important, it's the relationship of each year's ratio to the other.

There's a lot of flaws to this, but I can't think of a better value for exposure (that is actually tracked).


I think Washcycle's chart is a graph of all cyclist fatalities versus the percentage of cyclist commuters as a mode share.

Some of the fatalities were to cyclists who weren't commuting such as recreational cyclists.

So its an Apples to Oranges thing.

Thanks. If the takeaway is (as the posting is captioned) that cyclist fatalities are up then I get that!

I imagine that devising a meaningful statistic for cyclist risk is devilishly hard, given the huge (really, fundamental) differences in how and where people cycle, so it's no surprise that this chart appears to be, beyond that single variable, as confusing as it may be enlightening.

My guess is that cell phone use by motor vehicle operators has risen by at least 12.2% (likely much more) as well.

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