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The 2 block long "Bicycle Boulevards" proposed for Gallatin & Hamilton make me think that DDOT (and their consultant) have no idea what a bike boulevard is. In fact, they describe a bicycle boulevard as "signage, sharrows, wayfinding, and other elements". Whereas NACTO describes a bike boulevard as a low-speed (<20mph), low volume (<1,500 veh/day), street which prioritizes efficient bicycle movement. This is achieved through diverters, one-way streets, traffic calming, and intersection design that prioritizes bicycle through movement. When done correctly, the result is a street that's comfortable for children and grandparents.

An even better idea comes from the Dutch, which is unravelling the network for bicycling and walking from the network from driving. It's not bike boulevards, but rather bike neighborhoods, which allow low speed local access for cars, but prioritize through movement for people on bikes.

Yeah, I don't know what they have in mind. I'm hoping they'll go into more detail at the presentation and that they means something more like what NACTO means and not just fancy bicycle routes.

This was exactly my concern and the point I made in my response to the survey. I ride down 9th every day to Kansas because it has speed bumps and the road condition is generally good and there are few speeding cars. I don't really understand what is being proposed for 8th street and found the description to be incredibly vague. The new bike lane on Kansas West of Georgia is a huge win--there is so much conflict with cars and this is a major route for commuters heading into the city. Hope we learn more.

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