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I bike through here frequently. Traffic does move too fast down this stretch. The light when activated gives plenty of time, but I always make sure traffic stops before I start across as often cars speed up when they see the light changing. Of course I do this at all lights on my bike or in my car. Sad that someone died her, and the details are less than clear.

I passed by the scene on my commute shortly after the crash on Monday. This was at the trolley trail crossing in the photo. The traffic light definitely helps, but drivers still speed. It doesn't help that the road curves close to the crossing, and drivers taking the curve too fast often don't manage to stop behind the line if the light is red. It's terrible that someone died there. I hope it prompts the city to actually implement the changes they've proposed.

There weren't any skid marks at the scene. At 7:30 am, the sun would have been directly in the eastbound driver's eyes.

This happened in Maryland and this man was riding, not walking, his bicycle in the crosswalk. The driver didn't flee the scene nor has there been a report of drunk driving. Does that mean the driver will get off scot free?

The driver will say the light was green; the victim sadly won't be able to tell his side. Unless there are witnesses, the driver's version will be upheld.

Of course, it should still be illegal to hit someone in a crosswalk even if you have a green signal! Drivers still need to exercise due care!

But I think by virtue of saying the light was green, the driver won't be charged. Unless he or she was on a cellphone or texting -- then there could be an issue.

According to previous blog posts on here, MD driver is not required to yield to a person riding a bicycle in a crosswalk.

Does that mean the driver will get off scot free?

If the Henson Trail precedent holds, then yes for the reason Kolo cited.

Please know that it's a TRAVESTY that regardless of how you cut it, Dr. Robert Dickey, a lifelong noted Pediatrician, in Washington, DC is dead, because of a reckless driver. His death is tragic, for so many families, where he has treated generations of children since the 70's. He was a trailblazer that opened his practice, when no one wanted to come East of the River and he stayed faithful....until his death. I Pray that the driver isn't admonished, because there is no rational explanation for going from sitting at a RED-LIGHT to running down and stopping a LIFE, as soon as the light changes....

Is this the same Dr. Robert Dickey convicted of child porn a few years back? Got 18 months?

I'm late to the conversation here, so I'm not sure that anyone will see this. I hope someone will.

But to the issue of the Henson Tail precedent -- That precedent does not apply here. Section 21-202 of the Maryland Transportation Code states that

Vehicular traffic described under subsection (b) of this section [describing entering an intersection on a steady circular green signal], including any vehicle turning right or left, shall yield the right-of-way to any other vehicle and any pedestrian lawfully within the intersection or an adjacent crosswalk when the signal is shown.

Under the Transportation Code, a bicycle is a vehicle.

So if the light was red for the driver, then the Henson Trail precedent does not apply. This is why, in Maryland, a full-fledged traffic signal is far better than a HAWK signal at a trail crossing.

I usually ride my bicycle to work and that intersection is on one of my regular commuting routes, so I've had a lot of experience with it. I have the following observations:

1. When one hits the "walk" button, the traffic light usually turns red almost immediately. I'm grateful to whoever designed it that way, because I don't know of any other pedestrian crossing that's this responsive.

2. Despite #2, I've often seen bicyclists and pedestrians cross this intersection without hitting the "walk" button and waiting for the light to change.

3. Most motorists speed through the intersection when the light is green. However, I haven't ever seen a motorist run a red light there. That doesn't mean that nobody has ever done so, but it *does* mean it's uncommon.

So if the motorist claims the light was green, I suspect it probably was green.

Dana, the light probably was green. No one has disputed that. What I think is that it was green, but he still didn't have the right of way, because someone - the person they hit - was still there.

This man ruined my life. I was molested by Dr. Dickie, in the mid-late eighties at his practice on Good Hope Road in Washington, DC. Man he burn in the deepest level of hell for what he did to me and all his other victims. 30+ years and what he did still haunts me. No sympathy for a man who like to violate little girls.

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