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I'll bear that in mind the next time I ride my Alex Moulton AM with its 17 x 1 1/4" wheels into the District. As for "predicting and not keeping up with techology," the F frame Moulton, with 16" wheels, came on the market in 1962and the space-frame AM, with its 17" wheels, came out in 1983.

Does this also mean it's illegal for kids to ride their bikes in a bike lane?

It sounds as though this law also bans electric wheelchairs (personal mobility devices) from the sidewalks downtown? Surely that isn't what they intend...I can't imagine using them in the street would be safe, nor that banning them from sidewalks would be consistent with the ADA.

Yeah, why can't kids ride in bike lanes? Dumb law. I'm sure WABA was not consulted.

I remember when you called me out for rollerblading with my son in his running stroller in the 15th Street bike lane. Illegal, yes. What a buzzkill you are (-:

Also, nice to know that my son (age 7) who has graduated to 24 inch wheels - he's tall for 7 - is violating the law for riding on the sidewalk. He'll soon be in the paper for being arrested, similar to that 2 year old cited for littering in Capitol Hill.

@Steve, yeah there were adult bikes with small wheels for a while, but it's only been the last 5-10 years that I've seen them on the roads of DC in any real numbers.

@Dan, yes, kids can't ride small-wheeled bikes in bike lanes (according to the law at least).

@Uptowner, the reg defining a "sidewalk bicycle" is from 1971 and I think it comes from the Uniform Traffic Code. WABA was founded in 1972.

ElliptiGO bikes are also illegal in DC, as DC requires cyclists to ride astride a regular seat.

"It's also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling!" --Chief Wiggum

Outdated and silly laws make people respect the law less.

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