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Montgomery and PG County have done very, very little to promote bike commuting. It's well past time for those jurisdictions to start treating this as a viable mode.

It would be interesting to see how this breaks down. My guess is that "lycranaut" and "urbanist hipster" cycling continue to increase apace, but that working class cycling, motivated by inability to afford a car and abysmal bus service in places where biking is doable but not great, may have declined with the recovery and the bump in household income.

Upper Middle Class cyclists sometimes forget how many of the last category exist. In the DC suburbs these are a very recognizable subculture, usually hispanic, often riding beater bikes on sidewalks without lights or helmets. I think it is also common in many small low wage cities around the country.

That's true, though I think the younger set isn't wedded to any mode, and they'll happily mix modes. They'll do whatever is easier and cheapest. If that's Uber, then they'll Uber. They'll bike to Metro if that's a safe, easy option. Make biking easier and more pleasant, and you'll capture modal share.

I'd like to think bicycles are becoming more accepted, but with the proliferation of more and wider roads, comes more traffic which makes many would be bicyclists far more reluctant to try it out. IDK, I just know how difficult it is to convince my neighbors to replace a 1-2 mile drive with bike commute, and safety always comes up.

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