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A lot of DC's roads are under capacity, a lot of the traffic people see is more of a function of the traffic signals and complex angled intersections rather than number of lanes. Upper Beach Dr carries about 9-10k cars per day and below Piney Branch, about 26k. Parallel Connecticut carries 34k in 6 lanes, 16th St just 25-30k in 4 lanes, and Georgia 20-24k in 4 lanes, all of which are under capacity. Furthermore, traffic volumes are down citywide over the past 15 years anyways. Reports of traffic doom are completely irrational.

Beach Drive is a favorite route for the cycling clubs. A smooth road surface will be greatly appreciated on those weekend rides.

Zack: I drove on Monday down Beach Drive/RCP and it took me almost 90 minutes to go the 9 miles from my house. Beach was definitely not under capacity at that time.

On the 2 days a week I drive to work, I take RCP north. The backup to Beach Drive each day is palpable, as it is the only way for those headed to the east side of the park to easily escape the park. I suppose it is possible these folks now will decide not to get onto RCP in the first place. Possible.

As for those headed to the West of the park, I believe there will be a huge backup as 4 lanes merge into 2 lanes onto Cathedral and Shoreham Drive. But since those streets act as a funnel already, I don't think the volume of traffic on Connecticut will increase that much - it already is pretty much at capacity.

What is amazing to me is that there has been no planning whatsoever to increase bus capacity along parallel streets, particularly 16th St and Connecticut Avenue. I understand Bowser is having a press conference today about the closure and I hope someone asks her why no transit alternatives are being implemented.

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