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On the East side, you can get around by going up Columbia or 18th to Adams Mill Road, then down to Harvard. Take a left on Harvard, which will take you to Klingle. On the West, take Connecticut to Tilden.

just ride through the damn tunnel, as ive done numerous times now, day and night. dont be a retarded rule follower in the bureaucratic oligarchy the usa now is! the NPS and construction workers dont care, and are your friends. theyre not the ones with the mba's and the forestry degrees, etc.; they dont plan the construction and sit in offices making big salaries. they dont give a shit what the NPS office worker or employee says or does. so, be friendly to them and they let you do what you want while the construction goes on...

Once you have gone through the tunnel, its an awesome car free ride on the road.

BTW: given the importance of the route, why can't NPS be a bit more flexible regarding times?

I don't think the National Zoo gate to the trail at Beach Drive is open at all. It wasn't last week during the day when I rode.

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