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I feel Arlington's done a good job pushing CapBike Share. I commute nearly all the time by bike, but I still find lots of use out of the bikeshare in Arlington, particularly when they're placed in most of the places I want to go. Alexandria too.

When is the Capital Bikeshare coming to the Pentagon? and other locations along the MVT.

Ironic that CaBi is decked out in Red in DC, the bluest of blue states.

And I am sure they are all seeing how the fixed gear set behaves and ignore red lights like it is their job.

It's nice work if you can get it.

richardb, perhaps a nice bike ride will improve your mood.
(PS: I stopped at all the stop signs)

@SJE, doubtful it will improve my mood just put me in a less bad than having to ride metro.

And thanks for stopping! I guess its safe to assume that you weren't the CaBI rider that hit me head on the other day because they were too busy texting to keep their bike from serving across the trail.

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