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This is a sad story. I bike on Kenilworth as part of my commute downtown from Cheverly and I would urge people to avoid that section at all costs. It's a mess of on-ramps and off-ramps that's dangerous enough to navigate by car much less bike. If you need to get to Cheverly from Kenilworth, cut through PG hospital campus. There's a heck of a hill to climb but unlike crazy drivers it won't kill you. There are multiple pedestrian entrances to the neighborhood from the hospital and the gates are always open.

This is a tragedy, but I know enough about the bad drivers in DC to know not to bike on US50, particularly after dark. I've almost been hit in my car in the area by drivers who drift into oncoming traffic lanes.

Just to be clear. The cyclists wasn't on US 50, but rather Kenilworth Avenue just pass the overpass OVER US50.

But yeah, US50 looks terrible to bike on. A path that follows Beaverdam Creek/the Metro along that corridor would be great though.

The victim was DC go-go musician Lorenzo Queen. The City Paper has an obituary:

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