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Great idea, especially if it starts getting NPS to back off its bizarre anti-bicycle mentality.

If there really is a concern about making walking less risky they should be talking disallowing bikers in the city. Just look at how incapable anyone on two wheels is at stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalks on the 1st street cycletrack.

On the BAC we work pretty closely with the Pedestrian Advisory Council. While we both acknowledge that bad cyclist behavior puts pedestrians at risk and results in injuries to both groups, the PAC will tell you that threats #1 through #19 are drivers.

So, removing the threat of cyclists will do little to make walking less risky. And the numbers back that up too.

Good posting. Many of the most important changes, IMO, are not about spending money but changing policies and attitudes.

richardb: how many pedestrians have been killed by cars in the last few years?

With pedestrians and cyclists the actual danger is pretty low, but I do not dismiss or excuse the unpleasantness of some of the interactions.

Specific to Federal funding & NPS roads, FHWA's Fed Lands division (the "state DOT for Fed Lands") would be a natural participant. And if that division had a bike/ped coordinator (as every actual state DOT is required by Fed transpo law to have), he/she would be a great person to participate in this forum.

[feel free to pose this in the form of a question]

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