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How does the 'Dutch Roundabout' protect cyclists from right hooks? The rendering looks like it was designed to encourage them. When I commuted on 14th St NW, Thomas Circle was the only place I regularly blew a red light because it's so dangerous otherwise.

What are the odds the Sherman Circle lane gets plowed in winter, or swept free of debris in summer?

Regardless of my personal feelings about these separated bike lanes, what is the logic for having different designs for Grant and Sherman circles? They look very similar except for the placement of the bike lanes.

Yeah, the bike design leaves a lot to be desired. The bicycle boulevards are described only as "signage and sharrows and other elements" which is disheartening since the "Other elements" (diverters and traffic calming) and the most important components of a bicycle boulevard. Maybe they've never actually seen one or they don't understand why they work.

The roundabout designs lack the Dutch elements of a protected intersection, specifically the concrete island that dramatically reduces turning radius and thus turning speeds, putting drivers at a 90 degree angle before they cross the paths of cyclists, which also improves visibility. It's like amateurs are designing our streets.

This information is not really easy to find on the internet. There are even videos, if you can't be bothered to read stuff:




The conflict-free part of a traffic circle for cyclists is the inner-diameter, imho. I suppose there's getting there that's conflict ridden, but once you are there, you can do laps.

The consultant and DDOT review team clearly don't understand Dutch design. The link to the MassDOT design guide isn't hard to find. Isn't the consulting firm that wrote that guide based here in DC?

What are the odds the Sherman Circle lane gets plowed in winter, or swept free of debris in summer?

DC has gotten better about this. The bike team is trained on how to operate the equipment and they have some available to us. I'd say about the same as the 15th Street PBL.

I'm pretty sure that DDOT is familiar with Dutch design. I don't know why they came up with the designs in this study, but I don't think it is from ignorance of other options.

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