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Your description of Phase I and II is inaccurate: Phase I was only from Rte 50/Arlington Blvd to north of 2nd St S (S Walter Reed Dr/S Uhle St), less than two blocks in length.

Phase II will extend the existing trail only to and through Towers Park. From Towers Park, trail users will continue on S Rolfe St to reach Columbia Pike.

Meanwhile, the County has done nothing to advance the Hoffman-Boston Connector (the trail across Army-Navy Country Club), which had been identified more than 25 years ago as a top priority trail connection for Arlington.

The segment of Washington Blvd now proposed for bike lanes is quite different from Rte 27 and is far way near the western end of the County near the East Falls Church Metro. I hope the removal of on-street parking spaces will be accepted by the community.

Isn't the HB connector now in the long range plan? Has it not been delayed because of the decision to do not just a MUT, but lane that can be used by emergency vehicles?

@acyclistintheportcity, i suspect the access road approach would actually speed things up, as it may relieve them of having to meet ADA grade requirements

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