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I read this and my first thought: WTF?! And people complain about cyclists being scofflaws, when the laws are so messed up?

Back in March, BikeArlington claimed [1] that "[t]he law enforcement guide has been reviewed by Arlington’s police officers, County judges, and the Commonwealth Attorney ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to bicycles." If that was the case, why is there still ambiguity?

[1] http://www.bikearlington.com/pages/news-events/blog/the-2016-acpd-safe-bicycling-initiative/

Its like we have to push and fight for every inch

This is the case throughout Virginia because the state code lacks a law bans driving or parking in a bike lane. Richmond ran into this a few months ago. state code only defines as bike lane as a place where bikes have priority. Each jurisdiction can come up with its own law and I believe Arlington explicitly bans parking in bike lanes. Alexandria puts up no parking signs and has banned double parking so when people do park in the bike lane, APD cites that code. But really need a statewide clarifying bike lane rules and allowing high fines.

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