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In general, it's more likely that a President Trump would embrace concepts like a "lockbox" for transportation funding that regards such funding as a zero sum game, in which every dollar not spent on auto-oriented transportation is a transportation dollar wasted.

President Trump won't give a [darn] about bike infrastructure, no will anyone he hires.

Under President Clinton, we'll continue to get lip service with blah results.

Look at the Intersection of Doom - the elected representatives that are responsible for the National Park Service, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the Arlington Transportation Division are all very much Team Clinton (some have been nearly their whole lives).

Yet, between a progressive majority on the Arlington County Board, a progressive in the Virginia Governor's mansion, and a progressive President of the United States, we still have the longstanding dumpster fire at the intersection of doom.

That short cycle no right turn arrow arguably made thing worse, as it's not at all standard, counterintuitive in operation, and barely visible in the afternoon sun for half the year.

We known which candidate wants to "Make America V8"

The IoD is a difficult intersection partially because of the different entities involved. It really isn't likely to be affected no matter who is elected. However, that doesn't mean that one candidate isn't going to be better for cycling than another. Funding for cycling infrastructure often goes in hand with transit funding (transit-oriented development), and if there are conservative majorities in congress and a Trump president, there isn't going to be much in the way of federal transit funding.

Add in that Trump and the Republicans would like to eliminate the EPA and replace it with a nonbinding congressional committee--so that we can't breath the damn air when trying to ride--and it's no contest.

I'm voting in full spandex tomorrow. And who said democracy ain't pretty?

They're both terrible. But Trump mocks bikes. Homie don't play that.

I rolled into my polling place pre-6 a.m. and locked the bike up outside. Once done, I noted a woman with a cargo bike bringing the bike into the school cafeteria. Perfectly good racks outside, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Same experience here, except it was my neighbor who said he forgot his lock.

So what does this mean for the biking community seeing that Trump is actually winning the Elections?

Federal highways funds, as I said, are more likely to be restricted in use, as in they may not be used for bike infra. Local governments will be the sole driving force, so make your voice heard locally.

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