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I always hated "share the road." What does it mean and who is it directed at? It's one of those things that everyone thinks is meant for someone else.

It's an invitation to move into my lane. I do in fact act like I own the road, because when I'm in the lane, it's mine and mine alone until I'm past.

I think most advocates are moving away from Share the Road. That's why you see more of the "Cyclist may use full lane" signs going up.

Share the road is also starting to bug me. It implies that bikes are merely tolerated instead of someone that already has complete rights to the road. Its the difference between a visitor that sleeps on the couch and an equal owner of the house who has their own room.

FWIW, the DC Bill doesn't indicate what the language that will be on the DC plate will be - only that it will reference existing regs regarding awareness of cyclists.

I'll spring for the $45 -- pretty trivial way to get an occasional mindful look from other road-users.

It doesn't define the language, but does define the specific regulation (the 3 foot passing law) that it should be about.

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