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These should add more bike facilities in here. Or maybe they should consider removing lanes which there are few bikers and add facilities on neighborhoods that have more bikers.

but it would be great if there were a few high-quality bike facilities in the area.

why? these people in this neighborhood wont use them.

What do you mean by "these people"?

"these people" mean "low information," low income, and very low education, both formal and informal. they are violent. they are frustrated and ignorant and arrogant, like their suburban counterparts, but without the means to express themselves as consumers in the suburbs. there have already been incidents of violence on the anacostia trail: we all ride the CCT at three in the morning without a care...and without seeing ANY trash. i can take you on rides where the trash in literally ankle deep in many places in ward 7 and 8. the people over there are victims; not to be blamed for their condition, and need help. bike stuff wont help. income redistribution, minimum income (not minimum hourly wage) for starters. read wilson, the truly disadvantaged, for starters, then eddie glaude, etc...

Don't fucking tell me who to read. How fucking arrogant is that? I guess no more than calling everyone EOTR low information, low education, violent, ignorant and arrogant huh? Broad generalizations are the backbone of racism. This is why I banned you from the blog long ago.

People in Ward 7 and 8 bike. People from other parts of the area bike through Ward 7 and Ward 8 and need good facilities to do so. Maybe if you weren't so busy being an asshole all of the time, you'd go over there and find that out - y'know talk to people and do some real learning. Speaking of learning, you need to learn how to capitalize letters.

By the way Mike, don't think I don't know who you are.


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