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The TPB received 161 comments on the amendment, 160 of which were from the either the United House of Prayer (UHOP) or individuals who objected to the implementation of protected bike lanes on the 1200 block of 6th Street NW, next to the UHOP.

I don't see how this could be true. I favorably commented on the project and know others who did as well.

Harewood Road between Rock Creek Church Road and North Cap is like 2 blocks long, and some of the other segments are about as short. I hope these hook up with something else that's already there.

Crikey, a lot of those segments are part of the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

JeffB, did you comment during this most recent comment period (Oct-Nov 2016)?

note that generally the only bike projects that go through this CLRP process are those that require a travel lane to be taken, and are only those that were submitted back in late '15.

@ Crickey7

This is the main route to my Washington Yu Ying and Carrol High for cyclists coming from the West. I can assure you that it links to something, even though that something is a sidewalk. The current sidewalks along Harewood are not wide enough for some parents to allow their kids to ride. That, and Harewood itself is a speedway due to the current configuration.

So Washie, what exactly does this mean? Will DDOT now act on these approvals or must we continue to lobby them to make these lanes happen?

JeffB, did you comment during this most recent comment period (Oct-Nov 2016)?

Ah, no. Didn't realize it was a vote early, vote often setup.

Years ago I rode my own version of the MBT route before there was one. With the exception of North Capitol, the N/S routes were challenging terrain but not especially bike-unfriendly. I didn't go E/W, so cannot speak to that.

I don't think I ever saw a cyclist going to Carroll, though to be fair, I never saw one going to Gonzaga either.

Crickey, I can't speak to patterns at the time you are describing, but Gonzaga currently has at least 8 faculty members who bike to work regularly. And at least that many students. I biked to a meeting at Carroll last year, and there were numerous other people who did the same, but I can't speak to the regular pattern. The biggest obstacle for me in the Carroll area was not the lack of dedicated bike facilities but the giant hill coming from the east on Taylor. But I am probably more comfortable on the street than many cyclists.

As we wait for DDOT's decision on the Eastern Downtown Protected Bike Lane. Here is a link to a similar sounding project in Ottawa.

Ottawa opted for 'less safe' O'Connor Street bikeway design to make way for cars


Many are calling for a compromise solution that seeks to preserve as much auto-mobility as possible.

I think we had one faculty cyclist when I went to Gonzaga, and no students did. It was a lot rougher neighborhood then. I started less than a decade after the '68 riots.

@Crickey, did not know you were an alum. I've been there since '04 . . neighborhood has changed a lot just in that time. Most of our students who ride come from Capitol Hill or other nearby neighborhoods.

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