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The city should just do this via eminent domain should it become necessary.

Amusing that in the bike context, 15 to 20 MPH is "high speed". Imagine if we called that high speed in the driving context.

No human can survive at those speeds without Lycra.

By the way, the Zoning Commission approved the a change to the consent calendar (???) and it seems that the connection is still an open issue.

It sounds like GU is pushing a hard line. Where is the win-win? How about the city offer to build a bike lane from GU in G'town to GU Law School, next to Union Station, and the capital, in return for extending the route through palisades?

"The provision of a connection at the campus border at a point where the future Palisades Trolley Trail can be connected to the campus bike network if the trail proceeds. - GU does not want to commit to this because they're neighbors don't want them to."

I don't think this is the case.
DDOT submitted comments on GU's campus plans towards the end of the process.
GU finally got all of the surrounding communities to agree to their plan and did not want to add the Palisades trail to their plan because it would potential disturb the fact that GU and the local community was ready to close on the plan.
I took away that GU will sit down and examine the plan once DDOT presents it to them.
Foxhall Village President has come out and stated he supports this connection.
He would not have done that without many discussions with his residents (who also supported the idea)
NW Current article here:
Page 5 Bob Avery quotes (He is President of FCA)

I think if the Foundry Branch Bridge can be saved, GU will come around and support this.

GU just finished working with the community on a campus plan for the last 5 years and doesn't want to rock the boat with local residents......that's why they sounded tentative.

BTW in video at link posted above by Washcycle
Here are some points:
3:31:05 DDOT rep Ryan Restrom
3:46:21 GU Rep David Avitabile, a rep for GU discusses trolley trail

Sorry 1 more post.
The DDOT rep (Ryan Restrom) mentioned a connection from the Trolley trail to the CCT.
What he is talking about is, slightly east of the Foundry Branch Bridge and west of the GU campus, there might be a way to connect directly to the tunnel that goes underneath Canal RD.
Basically, it is using an old switch back that was probably once a driveway to a house that was there long ago.

Here is a video I made of that potential connection

Thanks Brett

Here is a video I made of that potential connection

I don't know ... I think I saw Bigfoot.

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