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Looks like they want a bike lane on Arlington BLVD.
It will be interesting to see how they do that.

Were I to guess, I'd say one travel lane in each direction with a turn lane. Which would leave barely enough room for a bike lane in each direction. They need to do something, though. It's the heart of the walkable part of Bethesda, but it's very pedestrian and bike unfriendly along Arlington.

I live close to Arlington and walk it every day. I agree that it's bike unfriendly, but pedestrian unfriendly? Got to disagree with that. Particularly with the new light at Strosnider's it's easy to cross to get virtually anywhere. Am I missing something?

To refine my point, I would not safe it's unsafe for pedestrians to the same degree it is for cyclists. It's "unfriendly" in that it's not very welcoming. The sidewalks are fairly narrow and there is no barrier to the traffic zipping by at a speed totally unsuited to its current nature. Did that make more sense?

Ah. That makes sense. Traffic definitely flies at an unreasonable speed for a road that is in the midst of an otherwise pedestrian friendly chunk of real estate.

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