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Multiple pedestrian deaths have led to a flashing light system, signage, crosswalk paint and distribution of road-crossing pamphlets (to peds only), yet it still feels like you put your life at stake when crossing here. A MoCo firetruck (not responding to emergency) didn't even stop for me and I just had to laugh.

Veirs Mill has too much traffic, speed, and lanes for a safe at-grade crossing here. A spiral-ramp bridge like those crossing the Clara Barton Parkway would be safer than all these measures and probably cost less.

Just a mile NW on Veirs Mill (@ Aspen Hill Rd) there is a great pedestrian bridge that crosses over the roadway. Also at the same place...an intersection with a crosswalk AND a stoplight.

"just a mile" - so a 40 minute walk.

Just pointing out a ped bridge (part of Rock Creek Trail) was built on nearly the same stretch of Veirs Mill, not that it should be used as an alternative. One could argue that while the Aspen Hill Rd xing has a bridge, stoplight and crosswalk, why does the MHT xing only have the xwalk while the same traffic is flying by? And who walks at 1.5mph? ;)

Sorry. Misunderstood that. Too much time spend on other comment sections. Yeah, there is no engineering reason why this can't be made grade-separated, or why a light can't be installed.

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