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Wow. So the original rules allowed you slow down, but not stop, at intersections.

This was 1896. According to Google first stop sign didn't appear until 1915.

A bicycle was considered a horse, apparently. I did not know that.

"No bicycle, tricycle, or other vehicle may be ridden or driven so as to collide with any other horse"

I wonder if the Wall St Journal and the AAA (Ambulatory Animal Association) was decrying the war on horses.

Without radar, how would they have known the speed?

They run a horse next to you that is showing 6 mph on its speedometer. If you're going faster than that other horse, you get a ticket.

Hmm... one cannot safely ride through intersections using the new bike infrastructure any faster than 6 MPH either. Coincidence?

The speed cameras were a dead giveaway, however. Great big accordion cameras with plate film and gunpowder flashes.

I don't know, but I once posted a report from the DC Police in the early 20th Century and they reported the number of "scorchers" (fast cyclists) they had ticketed.

They might have been called that after getting burned from the camera flash

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