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I'm currently living in N. Bethesda and have gotten badly lost twice trying to use the Bethesda Trolley Trail to get to the CCT. Signage and clear paths would do a lot, and might explain why people are riding against car traffic to get places.

Also, the BTT going along Wisconsin also has some gaps with unfinished construction. Here, finishing the job would make it safer.

I'm in Bethesda, too, and have never been able to figure out the route of the BTT. Not that I tried too hard.

I imagine remove street parking on Glenbrook wasn't too controversial. It would be considered tres gauche to park on the street, and likely only contractors did.

The BTT is vastly improved from a few years ago.
Kudos to Patricia Shepard for improving much of Montgomery County's bike paths

The Glenbrook lane, which I now use every morning is a lovely thing and works well with the button for the signal at Bradley, which is on the east side and placed, such that one can punch it without unclipping.

However, it also removes the slightest reason for commuters to take the left, wrong-way, shoulder of Little Falls from the CCT to Glenbrook, instead of crossing at the trail head and using the right shoulder or taking the nearly empty left lane right to this fine new facility.

I come down that southbound shoulder, or the bordering lane, during the evening rush, fast, often in the dark, with motor vehicles right beside me, and have to avoid these oncoming riders. Drivers aren't the only ones playing the potentially fatal negligence game out there.

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