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There's merit to the overall complaint that the trail here is all sorts of messed up and its hard to figure out where to go.

HOWEVER, the bridge here answers an immediate need and I think it makes sense to do something about this intersection first in a triage of bike priorities in and around the area.

The bridge would still be useful even when a new trail alignment.

A. As has been pointed out, the danger of delay is that the I66 money goes away. This may be a unique funding opportunity
B. I rode the area the other day, I am not sure the culvert idea is feasible. Does anyone know of any MUT's that use a culvert that small, and that are successful?
C. As has been noted, the area where the bridge height would be considerable, is not that attractive
D. I assume the engineers at VDOT will work with Arlington and WMATA to make sure an added metro entrance is not foreclosed
E. This is not the final bridge design, as they are talking about a design/build contract.

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