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Hello. I go to DC's NE, Buzzard Point, and Navy Yard neighborhoods frequently. I'm very excited about the redevelopment of Buzzard Point Park. However, I want to make sure that the park has enough greenery as possible. Trees provided multiple benefits to mental, physical, and environmental health. I enjoy Concept 1 more than Concept 2, purely because of the integrated trail. I believe it will be even more enjoyable to view kayaks from the land, rather than an isolated, elevated platform. What I do like about Concept 2 is the tree density. Therefore, I would like to see similar amount of tree canopy in Concept 1.

Perhaps a more recreational-oriented trail (concept 1, since it's less direct) would make sense here, since I presume most commuter traffic would use a more direct route between the SW waterfront and the ballpark (eg using P St). Would be cool if there were an option to cross the south end of Ft McNair and then take a bridge to Haines Point . . but I don't think that's going to happen!

Interesting that Concept 1 has a ped only option, but concept 2's option for out on the water still isn't bike only. If we're going to be equitable, there should be a bike only and ped only option in Concept 1, not a ped only and multiuse

+1 for bridge to Haines Point!

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