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The Westbound detour almost makes me feel bad for drivers headed in the direction. Almost.

What about that huge gap in the expansion joint heading East. My bunny hopping skills are limited on my cargo bike. My son has gotten to telling me that he must be warned when we get near it, as he bears the brunt as the rear passenger.

That expansion joint has cost me a couple of tubes and one wheel over the years. I bunny hope it every day, but if you do it 2,100 times (and have my level of skill), sometimes you mistime it.

Oh well. "Bunny hope" is a more appropriate term than "bunny hop" for me anyway.

There are few greater joys in life than a well-executed bunny hop.

I don't see how this can be implemented without addition changes to the proposed detour and additional feeder streets.
1. The short street between Penn and M is small.
2. If you are WB, turning earlier would add volume to M St in areas where there is a lot of existing construction.
3. Will this impact the existing bike lanes on M street?

I work on 25th St near M, so this wil be a nightmare for car commuting - but on the plus side, it will finally force me to bike commute more regularly.
Responding ot SJE:
1. The only way this re-route works is to make 26th St one-way NB, and eliminate parking, for the duration.
3. No reason for this to have any impact on the existing bike lanes on M.

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