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Sorry to read about your crash! Heal quickly and completely and type only what's necessary. And oh, don't hit "post" for things done via voice until you've had a chance to proof!

Thanks, goo add vice.

Well, what happened? The crash is a story in itself. We all learn from each other in these ways. Heal fast and well.

That story is for another day, or so says my lawyer.

Sad to hear about the crash. I hope you recover well and soon.

Also sorry to hear about your crash.

Feel better. You need friends when your arm is broken, to do stuff.

Is the new DC law in effect yet? It would be sadly ironic if WashCycle was the first one to get to use it for a civil suit.

That sucks about your crash. :^( Get well soon.

Get well soon. Give the little ones a hug from us.

Very sorry to hear about the crash and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Is your bike OK?

Yes, it seems that I instinctively sacrificed my face to protect my bicycle and my helmet.

Bummer about the crash, and thanks for revealing why your posts have been infrequent. When my friends marvel about my 6,000 bike miles per year, they don't realize the miles include crashes. I've broken a shoulder, a few ribs, helmets (thankfully!), and a few square feet of skin.

We're thankful you're are on the recovery path.

Wow. Sorry about the crash.

Sorry about your crash and that it's bad enough to need a lawyer. Heal well, and good job on protecting your bike with your face. Good instincts.

Really sorry to hear about you crash and hope you get back to full health soon!

Sorry to hear about the broken arm. That sucks. I also broke my arm in a bike crash a few years ago - no lawyers though. Front tire slid out from under me while mountain biking. I couldn't ride for a few months. Have a speedy recovery.

So sorry to hear of your crash! I hope you recover well. Let us know if we can help.

Best wishes for your speedy recovery--in the corporeal and financial senses of the word. Thanks for all you do for the community.--Eric

Hopefully you'll be riding again soon. Do you live in a pretty walkable area at least?

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