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"Increase infrastructure spending to improve our roads and traffic conditions to attract families and businesses to Virginia Beach."

Sounds like he wants to induce traffic congestion.

Cheryl is a she.

I grew up in Virginia Beach. Not a whole lot of road construction could be done to alleviate traffic congestion, except perhaps in the southern part of the city. Elsewhere, sprawl is complete and there's not much left to pave over. Also, with some exceptions, you'd no more commute by bike there than you'd commute on Rockville Pike here.

It's possible Ms. Turpin means increased spending on things like transit, such as extending the light-rail system (the Tide) all the way to the oceanfront, but her site doesn't say that. Likely it's just vague buzzwords since, as washcycle implies, the pro-congestion electorate is quite small. "Work alongside Lt. Governor Ralph Northam and Secretary of Transportation, Aubrey Layne, to reduce congestion" is vague enough to not offend most.

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