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I'm sure the "Friends" of the Capital Crescent will announce that this impacts the habitat of the dwarves, and we need to stop the Purple Line until we can have studies definitively proving there are no dwarves.

This should be called the Godot line.

I swear I have heard faint hi-ho-ing under there late at night.

Strange drawing that doesn't make the tunnel look especially inviting. A family strolling along holding hands taking up the lane, a dog walker on a cell phone perpendicular to the trail, a rider materializing recklessly right out of the wall, and a strange bike that can take an entire lane on its own without a rider.

Well, if you read the Bethesda Mag article, "F"OTCCT does use the fact that there is no money for the east part of the trail as sign of a bait and switch.

DE, my favorite is the woman near the entrance to the bike area. Her bike is missing the bottom rim and her legs are missing her feet.

The wine bar is a nice touch, but unlikely to survive in the final plan.

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