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DDOT shits the bed again.

The only major success of DC's "Vision Zero" campaign so far has been the creation of a twitter account. Their one-year project update was planned to be released in October 2016, and then promised to be released January 2017. Still nothing as we close out Feb 2017. DDOT has absolutely no intention of strongly prioritizing safety for all road users any time soon. Or at least until Bowser leaves office.

I'm confused about the shared-use path from 9th to West Virginia. So cyclists are expected to go up on the sidewalk there and then disembark back into traffic on the next block?

JR, specifically what part of this don't you like? Is this far off from what WABA was asking for?

Atlas, they've done more than that. I went to a briefing last Spring (http://www.thewashcycle.com/2016/06/spring-2016-vision-zero-update-new-fines-for-excessive-speeders.html) and they covered a range of steps they're taking - most prominently redesigned intersections and new regs. They could do more, but they could do less too.

Megan, not a sidewalk, but a shared use path. It looks like it's a bit wider than the sidewalk one block down, and it will likely be asphalt instead of concrete, like the sidepath along PA Ave SE.

I recognize that they've discussed steps that they want to take, but they did that in their Oct 2015 Vision Zero Action Plan as well. And in their "MoveDC" action plan previously. It seems that most of their recent planning has been nothing more than planning. As for the proposed regulations, they have completely scaled back back the fines for motorists, and introduced/raised fines against cyclists/pedestrians. DDOT had promising plans a few years ago, but at this rate, it appears their true intentions are converging towards status quo.

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