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Not to be pedantic, but it's not really correct to refer to it as a right-of-way. A right-of-way is the right to use property owned by another. My understanding is that the trolley company owned the land under its tracks outright, which is why the news reports refer to it as "the property." I've taken to calling it "the trackway."

The issue is a little confusing because there are also at least two rights-of-way on the the trackway, owned by DC Water and PEPCO (or whatever PEPCO is calling itself these days).

Language is important because where the trackway runs through residential neighborhoods, many of the abutting neighbors incorrectly believe that the trackway is actually a right-of-way, and that their property extends under the trackway.

Also, to lose the loop on that riders fur money for buses, that was about 1/3rd the seed funding for Circulator in '05

I'm enjoying these "from the archives" historical posts. We can learn from the past.

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