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I notice a small error in their base case scenario, which is they show a bike lane on 9th St between G and E. There is no bike lane on those blocks.

My experience is that the reason folks should not have kids when they are over a certain age is because older people have less ability to combat the colds their kids bring home from school. I've been out twice (and counting) this winter. Feel better, Washy.

Pretty much a lead pipe disgrace this is taking so long. I am at a loss as to what one more minute of community engagement will yield from the status quo that you identified.

If I have my mayoral primary data correct, that will take place in April 2018. Girlfriend Muriel, as does any candidate, needs the support of the Church leadership. Anyone wanna bet no decision made until after that date?

So what's the absolute best-case scenario here? A new bike lane by 2020? And given the way things go, I'm pessimistic about even that.


I think late 2018 would be best-case scenario.

A broken arm and now sickness; let's hope your bad luck doesn't run in threes.

I'd like to state that bronchitis and biking are a crappy combination.

And oh yeah, build the bike lane etc.

Washcycle never seems to have a critical word for DDOT. The length of this process is pathetic. Federal rulemaking for far more complicated and impactful agency rules takes less than this. We're talking about 1.5 miles of bike lanes, 2 years, 100 pages, and still no decision.

I can't wait for some DDOT lackey to shrug their shoulders and give excuses. You are public servants. Your job is to get stuff done and not hide behind excuses. This is pathetic.

Blaming DDOT for this slowdown is like blaming the quarterback because you didn't like the play that was called.

^^ That was predictable.

So true. I look around at the transportation infrastructure in this city and I can't help but say, DDOT is really doing an outstanding job.

That's not much of a metric. What are the things you're measuring them by? We're the 3rd safest city in the US for pedestrians. We have the 5th safest infrastructure. fatalities are down from the high 50's per year in the 1990's to the low 20's.


I would not say DDOT's doing an outstanding job, but they're doing pretty good, especially compared to other US cities.

They really flubbed the Streetcar, for like 15 years running. I would like to see them be more aggressive with maintenance and with streetscape modernization, but they can only go so fast thanks to the 2010 election.

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