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I think trail even if on North side of NY Ave us superior to cycle track on South side. As long as safe low stress way tof go from south side of NY to North side to access trail

Depends on how it's implemented and how many pedestrians are present, but I think I'd prefer a cycle track. I'm not a fan of riding on "trails" along streets that look (and end up functioning) like wide sidewalks. Like 2nd street south of M where it's supposedly the MBT. Or Silver Spring's "Green Trail" near the library, or the northern portion of the MBT by Montgomery College. These trails end up being more of a mix with pedestrians than a through bike route. If there aren't many pedestrians expected to be present, it could work. Like the 11th street bridge over Anacostia is a really wide sidewalk/bike route and it works fine for biking as there are barely any people walking there.

Becky, because there won't be much on the north side of New York, I suspect there will be few peds, but the trail will be a lot less appealing if the tunnel isn't used.

A much better plan than I was expecting, sorry I couldn't go the meeting.

I'd so much prefer a trail, as long as it's really separated from the highway and as long as there are protected crossovers like the 4th St tunnel. The traffic is so heavy (heavy as in volume and heavy as in weight of the trucks) that a cycle track would be awfully unpleasant.

And it's great that Gallaudet is now opening up the campus and integrating with the neighborhood, physically and socially. It's a wonderful part of the community, and the area will be much the better for it.

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