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Condolences to her family.

Heartbreak indeed. I had a pedestrian walk into me once, but she didn't fall, I did. I was filtering between parked cars and stopped traffic on a heavily laden commuter bike, and when she stepped out from between the parked cars I couldn't stop in time. We sort of shoulder bumped and I tipped over. Thankfully she didn't fall, and all I had was a bent fender. We were both apologizing to each other, but I felt terrible.

It's a busy city and we can all be a bit more careful.

I'm glad WaPo is not allowing comments on their stories.

They did for the first article. It was ugly. The Post has a policy of not allowing comments for stories involving the death of non public individuals, though they sometimes forget.

(The links to the '79, '83, and '07 reports all go to the '07 WaPo story.)

Yes that's the only source I have for the 79 and 83 ones.

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