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It's astonishing how many people characterize steps like this (or any funding to transit) as social engineering. As if the billions poured into free roads, the shaping of the physical form of the auto-oriented American city, the housing financing system that promoted low density single family detached housing and the many hidden subsidies for drivers aren't social engineering. No, instead people say--with a straight face--that that is "freedom", and bikes, with their nominal subsidizing, are "socialism". Oy.

Agree, of course. Chuck Berry's passing reminds us again of the reason for his success, and it was to portray to teenagers what coming of age in America of the 1950s was all about. A not insignificant part of it was the freedom to drive in songs like "Maybeline," "You Can't Catch Me," and "No Particular Place to Go." Those baby boomers who grew up on Rock and roll have been the policy makers for years, and that car-centric view of America takes time to erode.

Neither Chuck's focus on the car or his Mann Act violations makes him any less of a genius to me.

Right, the only reason this is even an issue is that we always assumed that employer-paid parking was tax exempt (though that wasn't encoded in the law until the 1984 Tax Reform Act). This was an exception to how things were done before because usually you could only count fringe benefits as tax exempt if they were deductible if paid for by the employee. So if your work gave you a uniform, you wouldn't have to declare that as income, because if you'd bought it you would have deducted the expense as a work expense. But parking couldn't/can't be deducted as a work expense if you pay for it yourself. Still, we carved out an exception and incentivized more driving. Parking cash outs look to undo the damage of this carve out.

How interesting! I receive the fed bicycle benefit, $20 per month which does not come close to covering my costs. I have always wished that the bicycle benefit would simply equalize with the parking/transit subsidy of $255, speculating that it would lead to a boon in bike shop business! But the cash out would be even better, hope it applies to feds (the paid family leave bill did not).

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