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Phase IV looks like a huge inconvenience to trail users for no apparent reason. I don't see anything about lane closures on westbound Lee Hwy to go along with the Custis detours. Will there be lane closures on the roadway also?

Converting the right lane into a temporary trail would have negligible impact on congestion; the existing street on that block is overbuilt relative to vehicle usage. Unless unpublished closures of multiple lanes allow no other option, the trail should be rerouted into the roadway to eliminate these crossings.

"Bicyclists are asked to dismount before entering and exiting the detour zone."


Lee Hwy currently has 2 Westbound lanes closed (also not shown). I would assume that 1 or 2 will remain closed during Phase IV.

Also, the CaBi station at TR Island will be near the 45-degree cross-over. That was a late change NPS made.

Thanks Henry. Somehow I missed that. Probably because I haven't been through there recently. (Even when I do ride through the area, it's usually to/from Key Bridge on Lynn northbound or Fort Myer southbound, so I don't use the trail segment in question.)

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