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This is why I give $ to WABA. They're a good squeaky wheel.

I've called 311 to report blocked bike lanes. Maybe the issue is at the operator end, that they need a system to identify and task resources.

Personally, I try to do something every time I see a drive in a bike lane, even if it's just to tell them to leave.

I would love to see them not drive in the bike lane or roll stop signs but my 311 request for rolling was ignored and the officer in the bike lane was polite and apologetic for once. He was annoyed because I had parked in front of him, forcing his vehicle into traffic.

Yeah, we fund them too. I don't agree with all of their priorities, but they are good people and effective advocates.

Kudos for WABA for doing this. This kind of "squeaky wheel" testimony is the blocking and tackling of advocacy. It's drudgery, it's not glamorous, but it's effective.

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