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I keep neglecting to read the PG County budget for next Fiscal Year. Did they include this in there, that's crucial?

Latest I've heard is that the trolley trail gap at the Whole Foods development will remain blocked all spring and summer. There's supposed to be some sort of workaround available "late summer" but the regular trail won't open until 2018.

It's particularly infuriating that the new development will be closed to non-motorized traffic for "safety reasons". Because driving or riding or walking next to Route 1 has proven to be so "safe" over the years.

I don't have a problem with fencing off the construction areas, but through bike and walk access needs to be restored. While the old dirt trail was not for everyone, at least you could get through the area without having to divert to Route 1 or over the train tracks. This closure has gone on long enough.

The Trolley trail appears to be finished on the north end now too. For several months there was a complete trail through the development/construction area except for a rough ~30m section connecting to the residential area in College Park. I went by there last week and noticed that section has been graded and paved. But a substantial fence and "no trespassing" signs mark the border of the construction site.

It's also frustrating that although a new sidewalk (and maybe there's a bike lane too? I don't remember) runs along route 1 in front of the development, a short section (on the north end, between the development and the College Park border), no more than 50m, has no such accommodation. Uneven/sloped ground adjacent to the curb would make it difficult for peds and impossible for cyclists to traverse this gap.

So there's a trail there, and you can't use it? That's frustrating. Is there anyone with the pull to make them change that. 2018 is a long time to wait.

can you get me photos?

David I will send photos tonight if I get through that area before sundown

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